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On the island of Cephalonia, lies the historic Migliaressis Estate complete with an upscale villa, a restored Olive Mill and an enchanting olive grove surrounded by several acres of cultivated land.

Andrea Migliaressis first arrived, from Italy, on the island in the 15th century. Over time, the Migliaressis’ became one of the influential families on the island and had their name written in the “Libro Consigli Famiglie Nobili” known as 'Libro d' Oro'. 

The Estate has been passed down through the generations, surviving the invasion by German forces attempting to capture the sons of Spiros Migliaressis involved in the resistance and the effects of the disastrous earthquake of 1953.

In 1999, Lysander Migliaressis – Phocas and his wife, Lila, became the sole owners of the Estate. Since then, they have spent much of their time carefully restoring it to its former glory and, ultimately, into an idyllic holiday destination.

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