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The Olive Mill

Also within the Estate, stands the early 19th century Olive Mill and the 18th century stone-built amphitheatrical threshing floor. These two austere constructions (protected by architectural listing) are among the few examples of traditional Ionian architecture that survived the 1953 earthquake in Cephalonia. Particularly rare are the hand sculpted milling stones made out of local white marble. 

The Olive Mill was originally built with money donated by the Migliaressis family to the two parishes of the Poriarata village, but later ended in private hands. 


One hundred and fifty years later, in 2000, Lysander Migliaressis - Phocas undertook its restoration. It now showcases life at the Estate through the centuries and serves as a symbol of Cephalonia’s heritage.

Guests will have the opportunity to visit and dine at the old Olive Mill. This provides a unique chance to learn about the historical significance and function of the Olive Mill.

"The memorable evening we spent at the Olive Mill  was probably one of the highlights of our two-week holiday on the island and we were privileged to have been given the opportunity to see it and to dine there." - 2017

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