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The Owners

The Migliaressis - Phocas Family

Within the Migliaressis Estate, but on a separate plot of land, the present owners (Lysander and Lila) have built a refined holiday villa that reflects their shared passion for interior design. Paying tribute to their diplomatic life abroad, the villa offers high-end accommodation, bespoke concierge services and yacht chartering.

Having spent numerous summers on the island, the owners know all the best recommendations - from secluded beaches to restaurants with unique views - ensuring that guests get the most out of their holidays.

“This place is the romantic dream of an extravagant Greek aristocrat, with infinite taste, lots of flair and a collector’s acumen.”  - 2016

"Lysander met us enthusiastically with new ideas of what to see and do on this lovely island. We are already looking at our calendar for next year to stay there for a third time!"

- 2015

"Lysander greeted us as soon as we arrived and wanted to ensure that we made the most of our holiday. His recommendations for hidden beaches and restaurants meant we really explored and got an authentic taste of the island."  - 2015

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